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Where Can I Get Facebook Coupons?

Where Can I Get Facebook Coupons?

facebook couponsFacebook has become an enormous social network that includes more than just friends and family. It is now very common for businesses to have their own Facebook profiles, which helps them promote their products, release news about what they’re doing, and gain lots of “word of mouth” points through the people who “like” their pages.

Business profiles on Facebook also benefit the consumer, because businesses often promote their pages by offering coupons. People can print out the coupons or download on their smartphones and show them at the store. For online retailers, Facebook profile pages can be a way to offering discount codes and other promotions that can be enjoyed at checkout.

Where can I find Facebook coupons?

You can start looking for Facebook coupons by going to the pages of companies and businesses that you want to support. If you usually buy a certain brand of paper towel at the grocery store, try checking the company Facebook page for deals on that brand. If you “like” business pages, chances are they will eventually post some kind of coupon or promotion that will allow you to save money or get a free item.

There are some Facebook pages that exist to compile coupons from different brands and offer them to Facebook users. For example, the Facebook page “Printable Coupons and Deals” posts coupons for household items, cosmetics, groceries, and other useful products. Coupons can be printed or downloaded. The page also keeps track of promotions that stores are offering on-site, such as a deal at Ace Hardware for a free quart of paint. Some similar Facebook profiles include:

  •, which offers the latest printable coupons, coupon codes, and sales. This profile also publishes useful links to other websites that offer deals and free samples of various products.
  •, a similar page that also links to other useful pages
  •, which locates coupons and free giveaways from around the internet and publishes them on its newsfeed.

If you don’t want to look through a bunch of Facebook pages or wait for coupons to be posted, try doing an internet search for “Facebook coupons.” You will come up with some websites that compile the various offers that are on Facebook right now and put them in convenient lists that link you to the relevant profiles or pages. Some of these coupon websites include:

  •, which lists Facebook coupons by date and tells you which profiles to go to.
  •, which also lists coupons that are appearing on Facebook.
  •, which allows you to search for coupons that have been found on Facebook.

Do Facebook coupons work?

facebook coupons - freecouponalerts.comIt can be frustrating to try and use a coupon and find that for whatever reason, it doesn’t work. It may be expired, have fine print details, or even be fake. Coupons that are found on Facebook pages are especially useful because you can see what other users have commented on them. If a coupon is fake, you are likely to see comments alerting you to that effect so you don’t have to waste any time.

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